Success Story

In late November, 2011 a young man walked into the Transit Director's office. He was a little uneasy and said he just wondered if anyone could help him. He was two weeks away from completing classes for exams at the local community college. His funds had run out for the semester, although he admitted he had not been frugal enough with his student loan. 

The student was at a serious cross-roads in making a decision about his education. He could give up and fail classes for the semester because he couldn't attend the last two weeks of school or he could find some way to get to school. His mother's vehicle was unreliable and she was quite frankly not dependable as a parent. He desperately wanted to complete his courses. 

As he explained his situation, it was very apparent he recognized his lack of accountability for his funds but he so badly wanted this chance, he offered to be ready at any hour of the day if he could just ride public transportation services.

He was advised to seek help from his college advisor and see if they could help him with the funds needed for the remainder of the school year. Haywood Transit was able to provide ten days of services in December by placing him on a route that ran through his area. Donations were used to pay for his December trips with the stipulation that if he had one single no-show, he would lose his opportunities.
A very proud young man called the Director just before Christmas to say he had finished exams and his advisor had helped him get additional funds to pay the general public fares for the remainder of the semester through January. It was very obvious that if someone wants to make the efforts needed, good things can happen! We are very proud of this young man's desire to accept responsibility for himself.
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